Adrienne Kemp

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Adrienne Kemp

Senior Director Stakeholder Strategy & Engagement

Adrienne has more than 16 years of PR and marketing leadership experience in the healthcare industry. Throughout her career, Adrienne has led the strategic planning and execution for several key pharmaceutical and medical device product launches in the U.S. and internationally, including: Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft (dermal fillers), CoolSculpting (non-invasive fat reduction), Nexavar (liver cancer), PROVENGE (prostate cancer) and FreeStyle Insulinx (diabetes management).

In addition to providing senior communications support surrounding brand strategy, product launches and data milestones, Adrienne also has expertise in advocacy relations, physician relationship management, celebrity campaigns, corporate communications, issues management, event planning and media strategy. Adrienne has worked across a variety of therapeutic areas and categories for numerous pharmaceutical and medical device companies and managed PR teams to implement creative, effective communications programs designed to increase brand visibility and successfully reach healthcare providers and patients.

Prior to joining CCG, Adrienne held several global PR positions on the industry side (Edwards Lifesciences, Abbott Diabetes Care) and at global PR agencies.

Adrienne lives in Southern California with her husband and two boys.