Stakeholder Relations

At Cullari Communications Global, we draw upon our vast experience and professional networks to build coalitions with a broad spectrum of third-party stakeholders in a novel and innovative fashion.

What Sets Us Apart

We don’t bring people together for a single issue or event. We unite stakeholders with mutual interests and objectives into lasting and productive partnerships that grow more effective, respected, and credible over time.

Unlike “PR-first” firms that formulate creative programs and campaigns and then build the relationships to support them, we are at heart a Stakeholder Engagement firm. We build strong foundational relationships and then layer on programming, public and media relations, and tactical elements.

The Heart of What We Do

As part of our Stakeholder Relations efforts we provide a number of services including:

  • • Strategic development
  • • Stakeholder mapping
  • • Stakeholder education and engagement
  • • Coalition & Network development and management
  • • Educational briefings
  • • Advocacy Strategies
  • • Public Policy Initiatives
  • • Earned media