Global Affairs

Doing Business In A Global Society

Our clients serve diverse individuals with diverse needs in diverse locations. That’s why we have built a Global Affairs practice to ensure that our clients are effectively reaching all of their key constituencies.

We understand that every country has cultural sensitivities and differences in the ways they operate with their constituents and with non-governmental organizations. We help our clients bridge the gap by giving them the on-the-ground resources needed to help identify strategies to break into a new market, work more directly within the market and identify the right stakeholders to help achieve business goals and objectives.

Specifically, Cullari Communications Global can help provide a number of services including:

  • • Strategic development
  • • Environmental assessment
  • • Stakeholder mapping, education, and engagement
  • • Educational briefings
  • • Drive revised public health policy and practice guidelines
  • • Advocacy Campaigns
  • • Public Policy Initiatives
  • • Corporate Affairs/Government Affairs Capability Uplift