Multicultural Relations

The United States is a more diverse community with many nationalities and cultures represented. While the African-American Community has long been the focus of many industries, today the Hispanic/Latino and Asian-American populations are among the fastest growing in the U.S. For business, it is critical to acknowledge all populations and reach them in the right way.


Cullari Communications Global actively works with numerous multicultural organizations across the country. Not only do we help our clients to strongly position themselves with this important customer base, but we also help to ensure that companies are effectively communicating with all of their constituencies by helping them to better recognize and respond to the specific needs and nuances of individual ethnic communities.

We help our clients to better serve high risk and diverse constituencies by:

  • • Providing multicultural communication expertise
  • • Opening doors to multicultural providers
  • • Positioning our clients to leverage the diverse multicultural markets
  • • Helping to build support on public policy issues with this constituency
  • • Providing multi-lingual translation services