Rachael Schwartz has spent 25 years dedicated to healthcare communications, with extensive experience working with global biopharmaceutical companies.

Over the last decade, Rachael has been immersed within long-term roles at leading pharmaceutical companies where she has seamlessly partnered as a communications leader. She truly understands the unique needs of her clients and internal stakeholders while providing strategic communications counsel and support. Prior to her in-house experience, Rachael worked with leading public relations firms focused solely on healthcare.

 The most poignant moment in Rachael’s career came in 2014 when, as an integral part of “Team Sarah,” Rachael was awarded PR Week’s “Best Public Affairs Campaign” and honorable mention for “PR Campaign of the Year”. The high-profile national campaign successfully changed federal policy that discriminated against children under 12 in the allocation of adult lungs. The efforts were focused on Sarah Murnaghan, a critically ill young girl treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), who suffered from end-stage cystic fibrosis and needed a lung transplant to save her life.